Monthly Archives: September 2014

Everyone has a hometown, regardless of how long you actually lived there. I’m proud to say that Summerland is my hometown and with the exception of a few years in the urban jungle of Richmond, BC I’ve lived there for nearly a half century. Because I’ve lived there for so long every part of town […]

Season change typically brings with it all sorts of changes both inside and outside at home but in the garden spring and fall are definitely the two seasons that have the biggest list of “outdoor related gardening activities” (ORGA) attached to them. I don’t like to use the word chores or, shudder, work to describe […]

It’s an annual ritual at our garden centre; a trip to the Fraser Valley to have a look at what’s been growing at nurseries during this past growing season. I’ve been making this trip for 25 years and I never tire of seeing brand new plant varieties, hearing the enthusiasm in the voices of growers […]

FACING THE CRABGRASS CHALLENGE Every season, it seems, brings its own special challenges for the gardener. Weather, insects, general run-of-the-mill pestilence, bad seed, bad plants, bad backs; these and more are crosses that we happily bear in order to create something beautiful and grow something tasty for ourselves and our families and friends. I wrote […]