Monthly Archives: October 2014

Mom and Dad’s tomatoes are always remarkable but this year they were even more so. The fruit was almost perfect, and it was plentiful. We just kept picking and picking over the past several weeks and our freezer is full of tomato sauce. One plant, however, stood out amongst all the other. It was a […]

It’s Primetime for Planting Bulbs It’s October, and that means the tulips, daffodils, crocus and other spring-blooming bulbs are at local garden centres and other outlets. If you’re a novice gardener, or if you’ve never planted bulbs before, don’t worry! Planting bulbs is easy, nearly foolproof and the rewards are enormous come spring. And, you […]

We’ve been conditioned to think that every change of season brings a whole new list of garden chores with it. And, I must admit, as a garden writer and host of a garden radio show I have been guilty of promoting this sense of urgency. It’s not that I enjoy telling my readers and listeners […]

Garden centres, like gardeners, run on seasons. Insects and plant issues operate in the same environment and often you don’t need a calendar to know the date at our garden centre. The questions have the answer, so to speak. We know it’s May when the calls begin to come in about peach leaf curl. September […]

Sweetgums are Autumn Stars I’m always looking at trees, especially in October when the leaves begin to respond to the change in the weather, when the starches begin to move and the breathtaking transformation of colour signals the arrival of autumn. This is truly a magnificent time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. People’s […]