Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s time to “mine” my compost bin. Let me explain. Every spring, once the bin is nearly full to the top, I head out to the far corner of the garden where the compost factory is located, shovel and wheelbarrow primed and ready. I start shoveling from the bottom of the bin and don’t stop […]

They’ve been referred to as “red wrigglers on steroids” and they could be stars of their own movie on the “Creature Feature.” Indeed, if your lawn is home to a population of dew worms, aka night crawlers, you might feel like you’re in a horror film each time you try to walk over the bumpy […]

The Cotinus, aka the Smokebush, is a perfect example of a plant that has been around for hundeds of years, was popular for a period of time, fell out of favour and is now popular again. Few shrubs offer the combination of three seasons of brightly coloured foliage and unique flowers and they’re worth growing, […]

If your lawn is a wonderful shade of green, weed free and evenly dense throughout, you don’t need to read any further. But I don’t know of anyone whose lawn looks like those at the Augusta National golf course, site of this weekend’s Masters tournament, so perhaps you might want to stay with me to […]