Monthly Archives: September 2015

I know the annuals are still looking spectacular and you’re hesitant to pull them out, but eventually it’s going to freeze and one morning those geraniums will be mounds of black mush. It’s a bit early to plant bulbs but it’s definitely not too early to be planning for the next phase in the garden […]

If you think that fall is a busy time in your garden you’re right. There is no shortage of chores that should be completed, and you probably don’t need me to list them out for you. With all of the tasks at hand, it’s good to know that pruning and fertilizing aren’t on the job […]

When you purchase a house you also receive, depending on the specifics of the arrangements you make with the previous owner, the garden. This can be extremely exciting or extremely daunting, depending on your point of view. I was privy to a situation this past week that was both! Picture this. Young couple with a […]

Interesting. We can all acknowledge that it’s been a very dry year in our valley but when you look at the rainfall totals for May, June and July they are actually only slightly below the amounts we normally receive. Timing is everything however. We got 2/3 of May’s total in one day, the Victoria Day […]