Monthly Archives: October 2015

We have lived in our current house since 1992. In that time we’ve remodeled, repainted, revised and repurposed virtually every square foot, sometimes more than once. We’ve had a new roof put on and we’ve expanded our deck. Change is the only constant, as the saying goes. It’s a similar story in the garden. I’m […]

Every garden should include spring flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils; they’re definitely worth waiting for after a long winter. The big mass plantings of these two favourites are certainly impressive, but you don’t have to plant hundreds of them to have a fabulous show of colour. Even a grouping of five will be sufficient. […]

This weekend many of us will sit down with family and friends and celebrate Thanksgiving together. I’ve always maintained that in Canada we have so much to be thankful for that we have become masters at coming up with things to complain about! Weather, governments, bad drivers, our neighbours to the south; we are very […]

At this time of the year the new catalogues are arriving at the garden centre and my fellow plant nerds and I are poring over the latest and greatest avalanche of new varieties of heucheras, echinaceas, hostas and hydrangeas. Man, it’s confusing! Why are there so many? Take hydrangeas for example. When I first started […]