Monthly Archives: November 2015

It’s a happy coincidence that some of the most vividly coloured blooms are associated with flowering plants that we typically grow indoors during the winter seasons. Poinsettias spring to mind immediately of course but there are others. The cyclamen combines striking colours with unique blooms to make us forget about the fact that the ground […]

Eventually all gardeners have to face the truth; it’s over. The outdoor gardening season that is. Take a look out your window. Is there any colour left, save for the green lawn and the brown leaves? Who wants to garden when the wind gusts to 70 km/h? Fortunately gardening doesn’t stop when November arrives, it […]

Early November usually finds me in the garden on successive Mondays, chipping away at chores that fall into two categories. There are those that need to be completed before the hard frost arrives; draining the outside irrigation line that runs up onto our deck so the frost doesn’t explode it, moving the fig tree and […]

The horticultural term ‘broadleaf evergreen’ refers to a group of plants that don’t have needles like conifers, and keep their foliage through the winter months. Rhododendrons, boxwood, pyracantha and holly are well-known examples in our landscapes of broadleaf evergreens. Although we can grow a number of these plants in the Okanagan there are some restrictions. […]