Monthly Archives: December 2015

Facebook can be a fascinating social media tool or a complete time waster. For every video of cats and dogs doing unusual things together and apart there is a photograph or an essay that really resonates. I belong to a group that circulates photographs and memories of growing up in Summerland. Last week there was […]

I admit that I share the predominantly male affliction of being a somewhat last-minute Christmas shopper. Not the December 24 convenience store type, but December is a busy month in the garden centre, and it’s hard to find time to shop when you’re busy ensuring that your guests have just the right Christmas tree to […]

It’s poinsettia season and they’re for sale in all sorts of outlets; drug stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, department stores and big box stores. Oh, and you can find them at garden centres and flower shops too! Growing poinsettias isn’t easy. For a commercial greenhouse grower it’s not like seeding flats of marigolds, or even […]