Tropical plants come in many shapes, sizes and colours making them very popular to use indoors to refresh and re-energize  indoor living spaces. Combine plants & pottery to match your décor and design style! Below we have listed three common design themes and paired tropical plants to match.

Chill out with Contemporary Design

contemporaryClean lines, uncluttered space, subtle colours with contrasting accents and an “airiness” typify contemporary design.

Tip: Choose plants & pottery that match this aesthetic and repeat these elements to unify the interior from room to room.



Popular Tropical Plants for Contemporary Interiors:
• Sansevieria
• ZZ Plant
• Crispy Wave Fern
• Palms – Many different palms are available. Designers often choose specimens with a single trunk for contemporary interiors
• Tropical Plants with a single stem topped with a compact canopy of foliage. Selections of Ficus, Schefflera and Draceana are grown this way

These plants are simply suggestions – many other tropical plants also make great choices for contemporary spaces including air plants displayed in glass containers, flowering bromeliads, and Phalaenopsis orchids.

Celebrate the Unique with Shabby Chic
shabby-chicDistressed furnishings and vintage accessories are key elements of “Shabby Chic”, combined with soft colour schemes, ornate detailing and comfortable fabrics.

Tip: Choose plants & pottery that evoke a vintage feel. Embrace one-of-a-kind plants that will add unique character to a room!



Popular Tropical Plants for Shabby Chic Interiors:
• Tropical Ferns
• Parlour Palm, Reed Palm, Areca Palm
• Philodendron
• Calathea
• Peace Lily
• Ficus

These plants are simply suggestions – many other tropical plants are great matches for “Shabby Chic” interiors, including crotons, spider plants and Boston ferns in hanging pots and planted terrariums– the choice is up to you!

Embrace your Cozy Space
cozySmall space living can be comfortable and enlightening! Thoughtful choice and placement of furnishings, making the most of natural light and the use of innovative storage and multifunction elements all contribute to a comfortable living space.
Tip: Choose indoor plant specimens with a compact or narrow form to create the ultimate cozy space!



Tropical Plants to consider for small space living:
• Parlour Palm
• Reed Palm
• Sansevieria
• Buddhist Pine (Podocarpus)
• Schefflera ‘Trinette’

These plants are meant as suggestions – many other tropical plants are ideal for small space interiors, including “living frames” that can be displayed on a wall, small tropical plants that can be displayed on a shelf, compact succulents and miniature Phalaenopsis orchids.

So no matter what your style may be, there is a Tropical plant to suit your needs. Come by any of our locations and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect plant to refresh your living space.

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