Monthly Archives: June 2017

Hockey players, poutine, ice wine, the Avro Arrow; these are some of the great things that Canada has produced and continues to produce to this day.  We’ll be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the official creation of our country next weekend and there will be much to reflect on with pride.  You may not realize, […]

Do you consider your father a gardener? Gardening is such an appealing activity, a chance to unwind and change gears, at the same time offering challenges and rewards, so it is no surprise that many dads are keen gardeners, often with a special interest in one area of gardening. What type of Gardening Dad do […]

Ants and aphids are definitely the most common insects that we field calls about at the garden centre and ant activity is reaching its peak as temperatures rise.  I’m not sure what causes it but there is no shortage of fear and loathing among homeowners and gardeners alike when it comes to ants. Ants in […]