Do you consider your father a gardener?

Gardening is such an appealing activity, a chance to unwind and change gears, at the same time offering challenges and rewards, so it is no surprise that many dads are keen gardeners, often with a special interest in one area of gardening. What type of Gardening Dad do you have?

There are the rose experts, who revel in growing the most amazing roses – big healthy plants, displaying spectacular blooms. They are well versed in the best cultural practices and are quite willing to share their advice – while the kids, having heard the same tips many times, quietly roll their eyes!

Vegetable gardeners strive for bumper crops, perhaps with an overly competitive spirit that finds them comparing yield and fruit size with like-minded neighbours, or anyone who innocently mentions that they too have a vegetable garden.

Some dads prefer to claim bragging rights to the best lawn, deep green, impeccably mowed with crisp edges. They’re up early on the weekend, mowing and trimming – often to the dismay of their family, who have to look twice to confirm that it really is THAT early!

Others strive to create a remarkable over-all garden or landscape – a tropical paradise, a kaleidoscope of colour or an immaculately maintained yard. Many dads are plant collectors, with a keen eye to discern differences in conifers, Japanese maples, rhododendrons, hostas….the list goes on. Their passion is admirable.

Father’s Day is one special day to show dad love and appreciation for everything he does every day of the year.

We extend affectionate kudos to all dads, including those dad-gardeners that do an amazing job caring for both plants and family!

Happy Father’s Day!


By: Scott Pearce

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