Monthly Archives: January 2020

Snow has certainly been a dominant topic of conversation so far this month of January.  It is beautiful to look at while you’re sipping your coffee but what effect is the snow having in the garden?  Snow is, first, an excellent insulator for plants.  Although it didn’t get as cold as first forecast temperatures were […]

Winter can be tough on our feathered friends. With limited food available, it is an important time to ensure they have easily accessible food sources. This makes a great weekend activity with the family. Here’s what you will need to make your very own Birdseed suet Bells: 6 cups birdseed 1 cup flour 250g shortening (lard) […]

Ever wondered how to get your Orchid to re-bloom? For the most part, Orchids are easy to take care of but getting them to re-bloom can be tricky…one of the best ways to keep your orchid happy is to re-pot it. Most orchids are epiphytic, meaning they use tree trunks and branches to grow on. […]