Monthly Archives: April 2020

Rock Garden Reverie Rock gardens have always delighted (and to a certain extent, mystified) me. Wandering through a botanical garden, or on a walk through the local neighborhood, coming across a rock garden is sure to be a highlight of the day. A rock garden represents an entire rugged landscape depicted in a compact space, […]

Now is a great time to start a veggie garden! Don’t have a garden? Not a problem! There are many veggies and greens that you can grow in small spaces like a patio or balcony using pots or compact growing systems like a Vegepod. We know that this year it is proving harder to find […]

Spring cleaning in the garden is always a revelation and this past week was full of them.  I cleaned out four more beds, filling up my truck bed yet again with another load of material for the community compost.  Where does all of this stuff come from? Among the many things I discovered was that […]