Now is a great time to start a veggie garden!

Don’t have a garden? Not a problem! There are many veggies and greens that you can grow in small spaces like a patio or balcony using pots or compact growing systems like a Vegepod.

We know that this year it is proving harder to find plant starts, so why not start them from seed?  All you need is a container of soil, at least 6+ hours of sunshine a day and water regularly, it really is easy!!

The top 5 veggies to grow in containers are:

  • Tomatoes

  • Arugula

  • Salad greens (mescluns)

  • Corn salad

  • Spinach

Some crops can be planted earlier, be sure to check planting dates for your specific crop before sowing your seeds directly. You can still start tomatoes from seed directly in the soil right now, but we suggest that if you do, that you cover with a cloche or a clear dome of some sort, to protect the germinating seedling from colder night temperatures.  The rest can all easily be sown directly into the soil with little effort.

Starting your Container Veggie Garden:

  • Fill planters with a good quality potting soil. This is the foundation of your garden and the soil should be well drained and rich in organic material.  Press the soil down into the pot and leave an inch (2.5cm) of space at the top for watering.

  • Following depth requirements on your seed pack, make depressions in the soil where the seeds will go.

  • Drop seeds carefully into the depressions you have made then cover the seeds very lightly by pressing the soil down over the seeds.

  • Water carefully.  We recommend spraying newly planted seeds with a mister bottle. Too much water at once can disturb the seeds.  Within a week or two your new starts will start to sprout.  Some are faster than others, so be patient.



Keep your container garden watered regularly but do not over water.

Pressing your finger into the soil to test its water content is a quick way to determine if your garden needs water. If the soil is still damp, I wait another day or two before watering. Very few plants like to be in soil that is constantly wet.

Happy growing!!

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