Lasagna Planter Workshop

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Saturday, October 14 @ 11am

Join us for a seasonal "Lasagna Planter"! Getting it's name from the technique of layering beautiful bulbs just like building a lasagna!

"Lasagna" or Layered Planters refer to the technique of layering your bulbs in a similar way to layering all the ingredients for a lasanga!

These planters let you enjoy successive waves of blooms throughout the season in a single container by overlapping the bloom times of early, mid and late-bloomingspring bulbs and top off pansies and fall interest.

*Selection of bulbs, plants and materials may vary based on availability.

Starting at 59.99 per participant*.

Please pre-register via Eventbrite.

*Eventbrite lists cost + tax as purchase price. Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable. Materials and supplies are subject to change and substitution. Additional cost for materials can be purchased the day of the workshop.

Location: Saanich