Fall Mason Bee Seminar

Fall Mason Bee Seminar

We are booking for fall mason bee seminars!

Dates: Sept 25, October 3, and October 24th. 

Time: 1-3pm

*pre-booking is a MUST. Please call our location: 250-721-2140 or email: pstuss@gardenworks.ca

Seminar Info:

Learn all you need to know to set up your own mason bee home. This workshop will cover all the ways we can promote pollination with the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. We will look at all the different types of bee housing, from paper tubes, cardboard tubes, routed wooden blocks, composite trays, bamboo, drilled blocks and more. We will also touch on other native bees that take over when the mason bee dies.

Company Info: 

Blue Orchard Mason Bees 

About Mason Bees: 

What Are Mason Bees? Mason bees are beautiful, gentle native bees that are also excellent pollinators. Before honeybees were brought over from Europe; native bees, like mason bees, did all the pollinating here in North America. Mason bees do not produce honey – they collect pollen, whereas honeybees collect nectar.

Location: Saanich