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June is Perennial Gardening Month & Salvias are one of our favourites Salvia are mainstays of the garden, represented as culinary herbs, free flowering summer annuals, and summer blooming perennials. Two characteristics shared by many salvias are fragrant foliage & drought tolerance, but colourful summer blooms that attract pollinators is perhaps their most outstanding feature! […]

Do you LOVE hanging baskets but have a hard time keeping them alive all season?  Here are some tips and top care information Scott Pearce has put together to help you along: Choose the best Candidate. Select a basket with plants that will grow well in your light conditions. Most baskets that contain a mix […]

Lawn Update: We have just come through one of the coldest and wettest winters in 20 years. Coupled with these unseasonably cold conditions, on the Lower Mainland, many lawns have been ravaged by the European Chafer beetle. The grub of this beetle feeds on the roots of turf grasses and if this damage doesn’t kill […]

Fall is for Planting! We are all busy getting ready for fall and overwinter gardens here at GardenWorks! With a little bit of planning and some crop cover, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh vegetables all fall and winter long. Start planting now to enjoy a home-grown Thanksgiving feast! Summer planting for fall and winter harvest: Leafy […]

This extremely quick and simple spinach salad is enlivened by the combination of fresh peaches and grapes in a citrus dressing. A great dish to make the most of our locally grown produce! Serves 12 Ingredients 1 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup orange juice concentrate 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 9 ounces fresh baby spinach 8 large […]

These easy berry squares never fail to bring in raves of people of all ages. When things get really busy I like to make this fuss-free dessert a day ahead of time Serves: 9-10 helpings Cook Time: Prep – 25 minutes, Bake – 10 minutes + chilling Ingredients 1 cup crushed vanilla wafers 2 tbs […]

This really impresses company, practically a meal by itself. Serves: 12-14 helpings Cook Time: Prep – 20 minutes, Bake – 30 minutes Ingredients 5 lbs potatoes, peeled and cubed 3/4 cup sour cream 1/2 cup milk 3 tbs butter salt and pepper to taste 3 cups (12 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese blend, divided 1/2 lb […]

This crispy side dish is something different from the usual potatoes and vegetables. Its great to serve with a roast or a grilled meat. The onion flavour is complemented by sage, parsley and hot pepper sauce. Serves: 8-10 helpings Cook Time: Prep – 20 minutes, Cook – 15 minutes Ingredients 1-1/2 cups of all-purpose flower […]

By late January, many of us have had quite enough of winter, thank you very much! Maybe not the skiers, who deserve a good year on the slopes, but keen gardeners and warm weather lovers are certainly pining for spring – and want to believe that it is just around the corner! Cheerful flowering plants […]

Tropical plants come in many shapes, sizes and colours making them very popular to use indoors to refresh and re-energize  indoor living spaces. Combine plants & pottery to match your décor and design style! Below we have listed three common design themes and paired tropical plants to match. Chill out with Contemporary Design Clean lines, […]