14Jan 2021

By late January, many of us have had quite enough of winter, thank you very much! Maybe not the skiers, who deserve a good year on the slopes, but keen gardeners and warm weather lovers are certainly pining for spring – and know that it is just around the corner! Cheerful flowering plants help to […]

30Dec 2020

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking ahead to the New Year, and considering what kind of a year 2020 was there seems to be even more looking ahead and hope that 2021 will be different. Which of course got me doing some reflecting of my own, but instead of looking back on […]

14Dec 2020

Finding perfect stocking stuffers is one of the challenges of the holiday season. I’m always looking for something fabulous that also happens to be small enough to fit into an abnormally large sock. Seeds are the perfect solution. Great for both the seasoned gardener but also for that special someone who might be thinking about […]

07Dec 2020

In my personal opinion orchids are the pinnacle of chic in houseplants. The moth orchid or phalaenopsis (pronounced “fallon-OP-sis”), is hands down the most popular. With massive, arching sprays of delicate flowers that last for two to three months, they are classic, elegant and graceful. If you were ever considering a foray into growing orchids […]

02Dec 2020

At this time of year, when gardens around seem to be entering the deep sleep of winter, it’s wonderful to see spring-flowering bulbs bursting to life on a table in our homes or on a windowsill overlooking a winter landscape. Paperwhites are narcissus bulbs that do not require a chilling period like most of the […]

30Nov 2020

If Christmas had an official flower it has to be the poinsettia, it is an iconic symbol of the holiday season. And really what could be more fitting for a holiday filled with snowmen, hot chocolate, evergreens, and visits from the North Pole than a shrubby euphorbia from the Pacific coastal mountains of Mexico… wait… […]

25Nov 2020

If I say “it’s time to trim the Christmas tree,” what springs to mind? Probably putting on lights and digging out your favourite ornament to find the perfect spot on the tree, but in order to have your perfect Christmas tree there are a few tricks and tips you should be aware of before you […]

23Nov 2020

Winter in the garden is at first glance not as exciting as the other seasons. Most herbaceous perennials are all tucked-in and hibernating for the season, flamboyant annuals are but a distant memory, and even the spectacular fall leaves have been added to the compost. A winter garden doesn’t scream “look at me” like the […]