Blue orchard mason bees (Osmia lignaria) are a native species to the West Coast of Canada and the United States. They are best known for the pollination services they provide to fruit crops in the early to mid-spring. Mason bees are a solitary bee, meaning they don’t swarm or work together to build large communal […]

A rose by another other name… is pretty amazing when it’s blooming in the middle of winter. Sometimes called the Christmas rose, Lenten rose, and/or winter rose, they are all hellebores and they are just what we need in the grey days of winter and early spring. While other plants are sleeping, the hellebores are […]

Pruning, I don’t think there is a gardening practice that is more fraught with rules and anxiety. So, I think the best place to start is with a deep breath. Take a big slow breath in, then slowly release it out and feel yourself relax. Really, it’s only a branch or a stem, and just […]

Successfully starting plants from seed is one of the most rewarding experiences there is for a gardener, no matter if you’ve done it a hundred times, or never sown a seed before in your life. There is something primal in the excitement we feel watching a sprout emerge from the ground, something that taps into […]

As I write this in mid-January the weather is mild, it has been wet but temperatures have been well above seasonal. I have been cleaning up around my patio and starting to dream about the season ahead. While we expect to still get some cold winter weather, as a gardener and plant lover, there are […]

By late January, many of us have had quite enough of winter, thank you very much! Maybe not the skiers, who deserve a good year on the slopes, but keen gardeners and warm weather lovers are certainly pining for spring – and know that it is just around the corner! Cheerful flowering plants help to […]

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking ahead to the New Year, and considering what kind of a year 2020 was there seems to be even more looking ahead and hope that 2021 will be different. Which of course got me doing some reflecting of my own, but instead of looking back on […]

Finding perfect stocking stuffers is one of the challenges of the holiday season. I’m always looking for something fabulous that also happens to be small enough to fit into an abnormally large sock. Seeds are the perfect solution. Great for both the seasoned gardener but also for that special someone who might be thinking about […]

If Christmas had an official flower it has to be the poinsettia, it is an iconic symbol of the holiday season. And really what could be more fitting for a holiday filled with snowmen, hot chocolate, evergreens, and visits from the North Pole than a shrubby euphorbia from the Pacific coastal mountains of Mexico… wait… […]