Indoor Plants

Are you ready to start celebrating the Year of the Ox? The Lunar New Year is on February 12 this year and we can all celebrate with some colour, auspicious plants and perhaps even a little Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of using energy forces (Qi) to harmonizing people with their […]

In my personal opinion orchids are the pinnacle of chic in houseplants. The moth orchid or phalaenopsis (pronounced “fallon-OP-sis”), is hands down the most popular. With massive, arching sprays of delicate flowers that last for two to three months, they are classic, elegant and graceful. If you were ever considering a foray into growing orchids […]

At this time of year, when gardens around seem to be entering the deep sleep of winter, it’s wonderful to see spring-flowering bulbs bursting to life on a table in our homes or on a windowsill overlooking a winter landscape. Paperwhites are narcissus bulbs that do not require a chilling period like most of the […]

If I say “it’s time to trim the Christmas tree,” what springs to mind? Probably putting on lights and digging out your favourite ornament to find the perfect spot on the tree, but in order to have your perfect Christmas tree there are a few tricks and tips you should be aware of before you […]

The New Cozier, Healthier Normal  I have a friend, who I probably shouldn’t name, because… well, she has a new man in her life. But the good news is her husband doesn’t seem to mind. It’s my fault because I was the one who introduced her, his name is Frank and he’s a fiddle-leaf fig. […]

So you have decided to delve into the amazing world of Houseplants but you aren’t sure where to begin… Let’s get you started with a few quick things to consider.   Light Conditions Houseplants are typically divided into Bright, Low & Medium light groupings. Depending on the light conditions of the space you are looking […]

Tropical plants come in many shapes, sizes and colours making them very popular to use indoors to refresh and re-energize  indoor living spaces. Combine plants & pottery to match your décor and design style! Below we have listed three common design themes and paired tropical plants to match. Chill out with Contemporary Design Clean lines, […]