Winter can be tough on our feathered friends. With limited food available, it is an important time to ensure they have easily accessible food sources. This makes a great weekend activity with the family. Here’s what you will need to make your very own Birdseed suet Bells: 6 cups birdseed 1 cup flour 250g shortening (lard) […]

So you have decided to delve into the amazing world of Houseplants but you aren’t sure where to begin… Let’s get you started with a few quick things to consider.   Light Conditions Houseplants are typically divided into Bright, Low & Medium light groupings. Depending on the light conditions of the space you are looking […]

Winter may finally be coming to the West Coast! We may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves with the anticipation of spring! According to the forecast for this coming week, temperatures may drop as low as -10 °C, so perhaps now is a good time to talk about how to protect your more tender […]

Try out this fun project just in time for some Easter fun with the whole family! With Easter just around the corner, our very own Michelle came up with a fun and easy craft for dying eggs the natural way…using spices and veggies!                 To Make Yellow Eggs: […]

Oven: 375 deg. F 1 cup melted butter 2 cups sugar 2 tsp vanilla 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp baking soda 2 large eggs, beaten 2 1/2 cups flour 1 cup chopped nuts zest from one orange 2 cups ground dry oatmeal, measure before grinding up in food processor. After melting butter stir in sugar […]

How does your lawn look?  Like it just went 15 rounds with the champ?  That’s to be expected after this past winter so don’t be too concerned.  Now that temperatures are warming up and it isn’t raining every second day our lawns are slowly coming around.  I have even seen a few tufts of green […]

Mother Nature really has things figured out, doesn’t she? Bright colours dominate our gardens beginning in early spring; the forsythia, the early daffodils and crocus, perennial alyssum, Cornus mas and so many others have yellow blooms. The earlier tulips are mostly yellow, orange or red. After a grey and gloomy winter, nature’s blooms in early […]

Spring has flown by and who can believe that it’s already June? Our gardening season got off to another very early start; here are some musings on what has passed and predictions of what is still to come. I’m not sure of the exact cause but it could be the combination of a very hot […]

With the May long weekend looming it’s time to plant tomatoes and basil in the raised beds. Whenever I plant these two family favourites I’m thinking ahead to late summer, when the tomatoes are hanging ripe and heavy on the vines and the fragrance of the basil can be detected several feet away. Tutti bene, […]

What do the Toronto Blue Jays, grass stains on knees, the Montreal Expos and apple blossoms have in common? The common thread as Mother’s Day approaches is my Mom. Kids connect with their parents on many different levels but there’s always something that bonds past the obvious biological reality; something that we share with our […]