The Cotinus, aka the Smokebush, is a perfect example of a plant that has been around for hundeds of years, was popular for a period of time, fell out of favour and is now popular again. Few shrubs offer the combination of three seasons of brightly coloured foliage and unique flowers and they’re worth growing, […]

If your lawn is a wonderful shade of green, weed free and evenly dense throughout, you don’t need to read any further. But I don’t know of anyone whose lawn looks like those at the Augusta National golf course, site of this weekend’s Masters tournament, so perhaps you might want to stay with me to […]

Some numbers to consider when thinking about what a strange winter this was for us in the valley; our coldest temperatures were actually recorded way back in late November and early December. On both November 30 and December 2 the low was -14 deg. C and that was as cold as it got for the […]

Many of us have been collectors at some point in our lives. My son collects hockey cards. I have an interest in antique coffee tins. Jay Leno collects cars. But there are gardeners, mostly in the UK, who collect rare types of snowdrops (Galanthus) and will pay a frightening amount of money to obtain them. […]

It was 27 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting in the tiny eating area in our apartment in Richmond on a Sunday morning, drinking coffee and reading the weekend edition of the Vancouver Sun and there it was in the classified section. Art Knapp’s Penticton was looking for a nursery […]

I admit that I share the predominantly male affliction of being a somewhat last-minute Christmas shopper. Not the December 24 convenience store type, but December is a busy month in the garden centre, and it’s hard to find time to shop when you’re busy ensuring that your customers have just the right Christmas tree to […]

Most of us, I think, have a love-hate relationship with snow. Personally, I think there are few things more beautiful than snow falling, when I’m inside my warm living room. Walking through the streets of my town as snow comes down is pretty special too. I love snow for its ability to mute all sounds […]

When my guest Don Burnett spoke the words “abscission layer” on my radio show ‘Art Knapp’s Garden Talk’ last Saturday morning the look on my co-host Terry’s face was priceless. We had been discussing how few leaves had fallen off trees and shrubs in mid-November because of the warm autumn we’d been experiencing and how […]

Trees fall into four categories in my mind. There’s the group that you would love to have in your own garden if space was not an issue. Group two are trees that you actually have in your garden. Group three are those which you would never want growing in the garden and finally there’s group […]

Mom and Dad’s tomatoes are always remarkable but this year they were even more so. The fruit was almost perfect, and it was plentiful. We just kept picking and picking over the past several weeks and our freezer is full of tomato sauce. One plant, however, stood out amongst all the other. It was a […]