When you purchase a house you also receive, depending on the specifics of the arrangements you make with the previous owner, the garden. This can be extremely exciting or extremely daunting, depending on your point of view. I was privy to a situation this past week that was both! Picture this. Young couple with a […]

Interesting. We can all acknowledge that it’s been a very dry year in our valley but when you look at the rainfall totals for May, June and July they are actually only slightly below the amounts we normally receive. Timing is everything however. We got 2/3 of May’s total in one day, the Victoria Day […]

Despite all of their trials and tribulations, tomatoes are still the most popular vegetable (or to be botanically correct, fruit) grown in North America. Sometimes we may wonder early in the growing season why we go through all of the trouble, as there is a long list of potential problems that can plague the tomato. […]

I would like to present my nomination for “Most Annoying Garden Pest in a Continuous Role.” Every summer my garden, any many others, is plagued with grasshoppers. Perhaps plague is too strong a word because they don’t swarm through and eat everything as in a Hollywood movie. But they certainly enjoy certain plants; they leave […]

I love my espresso coffee in the morning. It’s as much a routine in our house as anything we do. When the power went out in Summerland around 5:30 am two weeks ago my first anxious thought was “How am I going to make coffee?” Stovetop burner on the barbecue to the rescue! All of […]

Summer time and the flower beds are dazzling us with colour, the vegetable garden is yielding its harvest and shrubs are full of blooms. It’s a time to sit back and enjoy the rewards of spring’s labours. But it’s also a time to take a break and get away for a vacation. For many keen […]

“Regrets, I’ve had a few…” Frank Sinatra ‘My Way.’ We all share your pain Frank, because we’ve all had regrets in the garden. I’m set to deal with two of my biggest regrets in the next week and I’m not looking forward to it. News flash – even gardening columnists make mistakes! Even those of […]

I am always in awe of the resilience of plants. Roses have rebounded nicely after struggling with the weather boomerang that happened back in November. We heard from many customers who lost roses, or thought they had. I saw some spectacular plants this past Sunday that had to be pruned down to only a few […]

Last summer was a tough one in the raised beds that form my vegetable garden. We were in Italy for three weeks during a stretch where temperatures reached nearly 40 degrees. Despite the meticulous watering schedule I left for our children, reinforced by online coaching, the scene was not a good one when we returned. […]

One thing I’ve noticed during my trips to Italy is that Italians just love to “prende al sole” or take the sun. It’s obvious from the colour and condition of their skin that many people spend most of their summer days hard at work basking. Some of them even like to get the overall tan, […]