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GardenWorks we carry local and international beauty & bath brands. Some wonderful brands are local line  and offer the same high-quality products you were accustomed to, just a whole new “fresh and modern” look! Products that seduce the senses, beautify the body and help heal the spirit the philosophy of Barefoot Venus emerged; Old time ingredients consciously crafted to provide serious skin treatments and a wildly angelic experience. We carry product lines made for sensitive skin, clean ingredients & cruelty-free, powerfully effective ingredient for moisturizing, exfoliation, and nourishing your skin’s microbiome and help protect against the harshest conditions.Utilizing the nutrient-rich ingredients available to us close to the sea. The company's mission from day one was to produce a superior quality, conscious, and clean skincare product in rural Canada. Source clean, natural ingredients close to home, provide work for a vibrant and talented rural community, all while giving back to the lands. Using our products for mild skin conditions and improving the overall appearance and texture. We produce our products in small batches using quality natural ingredients. We are a true Canadian brand; we proudly produce and package our products in Ontario and are passionate about clean and cruelty free beauty! 

Waterslip Natural Soaps Vegan Soap with using plant based oils. Waterslip Naturals has traded the original goat's milk recipe for a blend of sustainably sourced, non-GMO plant-based oils without added detergents. Coconut oil in particular is recognized as offering anti-microbial, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties, and with 5% shea butter and hydrolyzed oat protein our new soap offers a gentle, skin-nourishing clean - we think the difference is noticeable from the first wash. We've kept all the same fragrances as the original Waterslip, using essential oils and natural blends whenever possible.

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