Choosing the Perfect Tree

Choosing the Perfect Tree
The holiday season is upon us, and the age-old debate of Fresh Trees versus Everlasting Christmas trees continues.

At GARDENWORKS, we understand the significance of this decision and are here to guide you through the pros of each option, helping you make an informed choice for your festive celebrations.



The Pros of a Fresh Tree

Tradition and Family Bonding

  • For many, the tradition of selecting a Fresh Tree from GARDENWORKS is a cherished family event. Enjoy a warm drink, peruse the trees, and make it a memorable part of the holiday season.

Aromatic Bliss

  • The unmistakable scent of a Fresh Tree is a holiday joy in itself. Bring the essence of the outdoors into your home and indulge in the natural fragrance that fills the air.

Eco-Friendly Choice

  • Fresh Trees are highly recyclable and biodegradable. After the holidays, consider chipping and mulching your tree at a local facility, contributing to sustainable practices.

Positive Impact on the Environment

  • Christmas Trees are an agricultural crop often grown in areas unsuitable for other types of growth. Planting and cutting trees in a sustainable manner ensures a continuous cycle of growth, benefiting the environment.

New Discoveries Each Year

  • With a Fresh Tree, every holiday season brings a new tree to discover, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.




Pros of an Everlasting Tree

Mess-Free Convenience

  • No more fallen needles or messy cleanup. Everlasting Trees offer a mess-free alternative for a hassle-free holiday.

Easy Setup

  • Hinged branches make setting up an Everlasting Tree a breeze, requiring minimal time and effort compared to Fresh trees.

Sturdy Branches 

  • Everlasting Trees come with firm, sturdy branches capable of holding heavier ornaments, adding to their durability.

Watering Not Required 

  • Say goodbye to the daily task of watering your tree. Everlasting trees maintain their freshness without the need for water.

Extended Enjoyment 

  • Set up your tree early and enjoy it for a more extended period, spreading holiday cheer throughout the season.

Environmentally Friendly Over Time

  • While there's debate, experts suggest that keeping an Everlasting Tree for more than eight years starts to outweigh the environmental impact of Fresh Trees.


  • Investing in a quality Everlasting Tree proves cost-efficient over the long term.


  • Ideal for apartments or spaces where Fresh-cut Trees may not be permitted. Also, Everlasting Trees come in many sizes for various square footage.

Variety and Flexibility

  • Everlasting Trees come in various sizes and styles, offering flexibility to suit your preferences.

Consistent Quality

  • With an Everlasting Tree, you know what you're getting each year—no surprises, weird leans, or bare spots.

BONUS TIP: Who says you can't have both? Consider having a real tree in the living room and an everlasting tree in another room. The more, the merrier during the holidays!



If you opt for an Everlasting Tree, proper storage is key.

Be sure to:

  • Remove the lights
  • Invest in a storage bag
  • Find a cool place to preserve it until the next year

By caring for your Everlasting Tree, it truly becomes a holiday investment that lasts.

Happy Holidays!

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