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A Chill in the Air  Now that the weather has turned, there is a chill in the air and everyone is heading indoors. Personally I am getting reacquainted with my sweaters and trying to remember to put on socks each morning. It’s official, fall is coming.  The joy of spring planting seems like such a distance memory and the idea of planting and enjoying fresh colourful […]

Early Fall Colour, For the Love of Red, Yellow and Orange  Colour is such a personal thing. I think of myself as a very blue/green person, but my son loves everything red and orange. The only time we can agree over colour is in the Fall. I throw out my preconceived notions of colour preference and bask in the glory of […]

You have heard of the term “love-hate relationship” I trust. Some of us have such associations in several aspects of our lives. I have a love-hate relationship with leaves. I love them in the spring when they first unfurl from the buds on the woody stems of trees and shrubs. I am filled with joy […]