The Founding of Gardenworks

Our company began as Art Knapp Plantland in 1984 when J. Derek Riley, Rod Senft, and John Zaplatynsky purchased the original store on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby from Bill VanderZalm.  Over the next few years the company grew from one store to 7 stores by acquiring existing garden centers and new start-up sites, within 7 years became the largest group of stores within the Art Knapp organization.

To enable greater focus on key operational strategies and to retain full control over the long-term growth of the company, the decision was made in 1992 to leave the Art Knapp group.  The establishment of the GARDENWORKS name was greeted enthusiastically by everyone involved with GARDENWORKS and the attention to improving in all areas of operations was quickly recognized by our guests.

The GARDENWORKS name and logo helped the stores create a positive image of our operations as friendly, enjoyable, and modern stores featuring a wide assortment of products and services for both experienced gardeners and for novices.  Our stores are positioned for exciting growth and additional opportunities as the gardening industry grows and develops.