Plants for Groups and Gatherings

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For over 40 years, our experts have been selecting the most beautiful and lush plants for our guests!

Looking for the perfect employee gift for the holidays? Stumped on what to offer your clients for the perfect move in gift to their new home, or looking for the perfect plants to add to your new office space? 

Look no further than GARDENWORKS Plants for Groups & Gatherings for the perfect solution to order an abundance of high-quality plants, perfect for your event, group or gathering. From 25 to 2000 plants, share your wish list with our experts! 

Everything from holiday classics such as poinsettias & wreaths, spring blooms, fall mums, and even pumpkins! Choose from lush indoor plants, resilient cacti and succulents to an amazing variety of outdoor plants, and much more! 

Employee Gifts

A great way to welcome new hires or celebrate an employee milestone!

Donor Thank You's

Give back to those who give you so much with the perfect plant! 

Office Moves

Brighten up your new space with some air-purifying tropical plants! 

Special Events 

Living table décor, fantastic focal points, and even a wall of lush greenery, plants are the perfect finishing touch to your event! 

Client Gifts 

Stand out from the usual gift card or bottle of wine with some feathery foliage, collectible cacti or bountiful blooms!


Poinsettias and wreaths for Christmas, tulips and daffodils for the start of Spring, Mums and 
Pansies for Fall Harvest and much more! 

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*Please note, we procure plants according to each customer's specific order requirements, and as such, we typically require up to 2 weeks to ensure we can fulfill those requests. All orders placed through Plants for Groups and Gatherings will be Final Sale. 

* Please note that all orders are understood to be pickup unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in delivery, please make note of it in the additional details question at the end of this form, and our team will work with you to sort out the required details.  


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