GARDENWORKS carries a full line of high-quality lawn, garden, and houseplant fertilizers. Our branded products are ALL formulated and manufactured locally.

GARDENWORKS 2kg Selection:

Please note, these products may be available in a bagged or boxed form while boxed quantities last. 

Click for more information and how-to-use.

GARDENWORKS Lawn Fertilizers:

  • Turf and Lawn Starter (15-30-10) for newly seeded or sodded lawns.
  • Premium Lawn Fertilizer (14-4-8) for spring application.
  • Fabulawn (23-3-23) for summer application.
  • Premium Fall Fertilizer (10-4-24) to prepare your lawn for winter.

GARDENWORKS Water-Soluble Fertilizers:

  • Flowering Plant Food (15-3-15) 
  • All Purpose Plant Food (20-20-20)
  • Tomato and Vegetable Food (18-18-21) 
  • Transplanting Fertilizer (5-15-5 with Indole Butyric Acid)
  • Organic Vegetable & Tomato Food (3-1-4)
  • Palm and Tropical Plant Food (9-3-9 with Micros)

*These fertilizers need to be diluted before use.

GARDENWORKS Timed Release Fertilizer

  • Slow Release Plant Food (14-14-14)

Specialty Fertilizers:

We carry a wide range of specialty fertilizers for specific applications. Example: to counteract nutrient deficiencies or for other more complex fertilizing needs. Eg. Aluminum Sulphate to encourage blue blooms on Hydrangeas. Magi-Cal to supplement Calcium and Magnesium deficiency in soils (prevents blossom end rot in tomatoes).

Organic Fertilizers

We carry a number of different brands of organic fertilizers in both granular and liquid formulations. This selection includes: Black Gold, Gaia, Myke’s and GardenPro. Each of our garden centres carries the brands that are most popular in their region, as a result, selection varies by location.

Come in and speak to one of our experts to find the right product for your needs. 

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