Attention all garden enthusiasts!

The GARDENWORKS Rewards Membership program has been revamped as of March 1, 2024. As passionate members of our gardening community, we embrace the opportunity to reward your loyalty and support. Please see below for more details on this latest update.

Collect points throughout the year to redeem for discounts on merchandise! This remains a FREE program to join by easily signing up in-store. We have expanded the redeemable period, providing you with more time, plant and product variety, and seasonal selection to choose from. The redeemable time frame is now through the fall gardening seasonJuly through November.

Additionally, all GARDENWORKS Rewards Memberships are considered active on March 1, 2024. Simply shop with us at least once every 2 years and your points remain accessible for redemption, ensuring your happiness keeps blooming! The more you shop, the more points you can earn!


Earn 5 Points for every $2 spent.

5 Points = 5 Cents

500 Points = $5.00

Redeem your points when the balance totals 500 points or more.

Redeem your points July through November.

Free to join! Sign up in-store.



1. What happens to my current points?

Rest assured your hard-earned points will remain unchanged! Our revamped GARDENWORKS Rewards program guidelines do not affect the amount or value of your existing points.


2. How can I view my current points value?

You can easily view your current points value by stopping by any of our 10 local garden centres and asking the cashier for assistance. We’re happy to help!


3. When will my points expire?

Your points remain active indefinitely by simply making any purchase using your GARDENWORKS Membership ID within 24 months of March 1, 2024! However, if a membership ID has not been attached to a purchase by the end of February 2026, then the account will be deemed inactive, and all points will be forfeited at GARDENWORKS’ discretion.