Buy a high-quality Christmas tree near Burnaby Lougheed

There are several places to buy a Christmas tree near Burnaby Lougheed, but at Gardenworks, our aim is to create a memorable experience for you and your family. Stroll through or Christmas tree 'forest' where our trees our all hung with care so you can view them from all angles. Sip on hot chocolate or cider from our Seasonal Sips station and take in the festive atmosphere and fresh scent of evergreens.  

Once you have selected your Christmas tree, ask us for a fresh cut. If you need help getting the Christmas tree to your car, please ask one of our friendly staff to help you load and secure the tree. Delivery can also be arranged *subject to availability and extra charges.

At home, if you can, place your tree in water and let it 'rest' in a cool, dry space for a day or two. This will make the tree more robust and reduce needle dropping. After bringing your tree inside, be sure to keep it well watered. Check daily in the first few days/week as that is when the tree will absorb the most water. 

When to buy a real Christmas tree in Burnaby Lougheed

What is the best real Christmas tree to buy in Burnaby Lougheed? That depends on your taste and decor. However, certain species are known for their excellent needle retention and strong branches. Here are some top Christmas trees to look for for their long lasting qualities: 

  • Fraser Fir: This tree has excellent needle retention, with very few needles falling off early.
  • Noble Fir: This tree also has good needle retention, though it may drop a few needles here and there.
  • Nordmann Fir: This is the classic Christmas tree we all know and love.

One stop Holiday Shop in Burnaby Lougheed

Once you find the perfect Christmas tree, browse our magical Holiday decor collections with everything you need to trim your tree in your favourite style. 

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