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Tip Sheets

Click on the topics below to download our informational brochures:

Grow your own Groceries

A Fall & Winter Harvest

Growing Apples

Growing Basil

Growing Blueberries

Growing Bush Fruit

Growing Cane Fruit

Growing Citrus and Tropical Blooms

Growing Edible Flowers

Growing Herbs

Growing Garlic

Growing Lettuce

Growing Peas & Beans

Growing Peppers

Growing Potatoes

Growing Strawberries

Growing Tomatoes

Tropical Plants

Crafting a Terrarium

Caring for Tillandsia

Orchid Care

Repotting Tropical Plants


Forcing Bulbs

Growing Bulbs in Containers

Growing Spring Bulbs

Growing Summer Bulbs

Naturalizing Bulbs

In the Garden

Chafer Beetles Prevention

Cover Crops

Crafting a Moss Hanging Basket

Deer Resistant Plants

Downy Mildew & Prevention Methods

Gardening for Fragrance

Ground Cover

Growing Clematis

Growing Begonias

Mason Bees

Moss Removal

Ornamental Grasses

Shade Gardening

Starting Seeds

Starting your Lawn

Water Conservation

Trees & Shrubs

Growing Trees & Shrubs in the Fall

Growing Roses

Planting Trees & Shrubs


For Winter & the Holiday Season

Caring for your Christmas Tree

Caring for Poinsettias

Growing Amaryllis

Winter Fragrance

Winter Protection

Pollinator Garden Guides

Click on the topics below to view plant suggestions to attract popular pollinators & ladybugs!





Garden Hints by Month

Below are information hints to help make your garden work specific to the month.

January & February

March & April

May & June

July & August