Find great pottery nearby North Vancouver

Pottery from North Vancouver works great for storing plants during the winter, or to keep your indoor plants in. They look very pretty, are great at regulating the soil humidity and come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking “What kind of pottery do I need?”,Come and visit Gardenworks. Gardenworks has a wide range of various plant pots, made of different materials and in different styles and sizes. Come and visit this garden centre and enjoy an array of beautiful clay ceramic pottery with unique shapes and styles in the most amazing glazes! Gardenworks also offers beautiful terra cotta pottery, from brands like Japi Pottery, Berg’s Pottery and Scheurichs Pottery.

Find your pottery nearby North Vancouver at Gardenworks

Find your indoor pots at Gardenworks

Indoor pots are meant for plants inside and outside of our homes, but between these two categories we can see some differences. For instance, indoor pots tend to be made of non-porous materials, so the surroundings of your potted indoor plant stay clean. Want to know more about Gardenworks indoor pottery and what their popular indoor pots are? Then visit Gardenworks in North Vancouver, specifically Coquitlam, Qualicum or Victoria.

Which pots fit your indoor plants the best? That depends on the plant, of course! So, how can you determine what size pot your house plant needs? Usually, plants need a pot with a diameter that equals the height of the plant itself. Measure this and you’ll know exactly how big your indoor pot should be. Make sure to repot your indoor plant every year or so, as the roots always keep growing and get damaged when they don’t have enough space. The new pot should always be 20% bigger in volume than the last one.

Buy outdoor pots in Burnaby

North Vancouver pottery can be used for outdoor plants as well! Potting your outdoor plants can be very useful. For instance, potted garden plants are less susceptible to cold damage during the winter. Vermin can reach these plants much less easily and finally, potted plants are way easier to move. Grow an array of vegetables or fruits or even a beautiful selection of flowers outdoors!

What kind of outdoor pots are there? Outdoor pots come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are big enough to fit an entire tree, others are perfect for smaller spaces like balconies. Outdoor pots can be beautifully arranged to make an aesthetically pleasing garden. Put different herb plants in similarly coloured flower pots of different sizes and put them together for a very cute herb garden! Make sure to choose the right pot material, since some outdoor pots let out water much easier than others. This can cause the pot soil to dry out. These are the most popular outdoor flower pots available at Gardenworks:

  • Containers, perfect for container gardening
  • Terracotta pottery
  • And much more!

The best planters in the region

Planters are large flower pots that are usually meant for outdoor use and can fit multiple plants at once. They’re perfect for large plants as well, like bushes or trees. Planters can be made of various materials, but plastic is used most often. Most of these planters are round or rotation moulded. Gardenworks is a garden centre situated in North Vancouver and has stores opened in Burnaby-Mandeville, Penticton and Oak Bay amongst other places. Find your locally made cedar planters here! Planters are perfect containers for your gardening passions. Gardenworks has everything you need for your garden, including pottery in stores near North Vancouver!