What Would Dad Like?

What Would Dad Like?

Written by Ingrid Hoff

What would Dad like? Well, now here is the thing… I hate to stereotype, and really, I don’t know your dad, the only thing I could be sure of is, I know what my dad would like. However, I have noticed some trends when it comes to the kinds of things dads (or dad-like father figures) in general seem to like. Let’s think of it more like a pattern than a stereotype. So, here are few of the patterns I’ve noticed when it comes to all the different dads out there. Try to think about where your dad might fit and choose a gift accordingly. 

The “Snazzy” Dad 

Near Mother’s Day you see all kinds of self-care and pampering products, bath salts, moisturizers, lovely scented soaps. But who is to say that dads don’t like those things too? Most dads I know either shave, have beards or are somewhere in between. And if they already have to be doing that personal hygiene, wouldn’t it be nicer if someone splurged and got them something nice? This year consider letting your snazzy dad indulge in a little self-care and pampering. 




Outdoorsy Dad  

Then there are those dads that consider themselves to be the rugged, hang-out-in-the-woods type. They are the first ones to suggest a camping/fishing trip. I have recently seen some pretty classy multi-tools that almost make me what to try my hand at whittling something or fixing a tarp. Or perhaps a metal camping mug (honestly, I may just buy myself one of those too). But my favourite thing I’ve seen for an Outdoorsy Dad are playing card sets that come in a really classy looking metal tin. Perfect to pop into the car/backpack/camping supplies it means you can always be prepared to whip out the possibility of a game. The tins are so nice too that I wouldn’t mind just having them sit on a side table, or out on the patio. I love that idea, of sitting around a campfire or even just in your backyard and starting an impromptu card game. 



Connoisseur Dad 

I kind of secretly call this kind of dad the “Party Dad,” but I didn’t want to give the wrong impression, it doesn’t always have to be a party just a time to slow down and enjoy a tasty drink. I know more than a few dads who enjoy a nice craft brew IPA or Pale Ale and all beer seems to taste better when it’s enjoyed from a nice glass. If you don’t have a beer drinker than consider some cocktail mixes. They come in a drool-worthy array of flavours (my favourite is kalamansi citrus) and you can choose to add alcohol or just keep it “octane free.”  




Gourmet Dad 

Fire, there is something about dads and wanting to cook things over a fire. Although, I have to admit that I love a good fire roasted/BBQ anything myself. Perhaps it’s taping into an evolutionary need, I don’t really want to go too deep into the physiology behind it, but everyone seems to love a good BBQ. So, get your dad a nice fancy rub to grill a steak or even a beer can chicken (you can cover two types of dads with this one). Perhaps a nice apron or platter to serve his fire roasted goodness on. My favourite idea for this dad is to get him some BBQ herbs. Consider making a planter filled with thyme, rosemary or oregano to sit right near the BBQ and he can take his craft to a whole new level. 



Gardener Dad 

Um hello, some of the best gardeners I know are dads. And what plant-loving dad wouldn’t want a new set of pruners, a rain gauge, a water garden feature, or a new shrub, or even a hummingbird feeder. Although that last one could also belong to the Outdoorsy Dad or even be a whole new class of Birder Dad. There really are endless possibilities in store, so head out to your local GARDENWORKS and get inspired. 





While I have nothing against the classic Father’s Day gift of a neck tie, let try and find something a bit more unique and matched to our dad’s tastes. I can’t tell you what I’m getting my dad this year, he reads this and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I can tell you that I chose it with love. I am myself a mum, not a dad, but I think the same idea holds true, the best gift you can give is your love and the thought and time that goes into choosing the gift. So, let’s give some love and thought to all the dads, uncles, grandfathers, and whatever else you call your father-figure.

Thank you for all you do. Love you Dad! 


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