Container Gardening Mistakes

Container Gardening Mistakes

Container gardens provide an easy and versatile way for you to incorporate some summer colour into your space! Whether adoring your patio or enhancing your backyard, gorgeous planters infuse life and vibrancy into your outdoor oasis.

However, even seasoned gardeners can stumble upon common pitfalls that hinder the success of their container gardens. Our plant experts have unveiled essentials tips to sidestep these mistakes and ensure your summer plants flourish in all their splendor.


Proper Drainage is Key

One of the most prevalent container gardening mistakes is neglecting proper drainage. Waterlogged roots can be disastrous for your plants, leading to root rot and fungal issues. To avoid such problems, ensure your planters have a drainage hole and are filled with well-draining soil to allow the water to flow through. We recommend our GARDENWORKS potting mix soil, formulated to be airy and allow for great drainage.



Pot and Plant Ratio

A small plant in an oversized pot can appear lost and dwarfed, while a large plant in a tiny pot may become root-bound and struggle to thrive. Be mindful of the size of your container in relation to the plants you choose. Aim for a balanced proportion, where the plants have enough space for healthy growth but still fill out the container attractively.


Pick Healthy Plants

A successful container garden begins with selecting robust and healthy plants. Before purchasing, examine the plants carefully, checking for any signs of pests, disease, or wilting. Choose plants with vibrant foliage and sturdy stems, as they indicate a strong root system.


Don’t Mix Sun and Shade, Early Blooms and Late Blooms

While it might be tempting to combine various plant types to create a visually diverse container, mixing sun-loving and shade-seeking plants can lead to disappointment. Sun-loving plants may wither in the shadows, and shade plants could scorch under the intense summer sun. Similarly, create harmony in the theme and longevity of your planter by selecting plants that will bloom and last for a similar amount of time. Combining flowers that bloom at the same time ensures your container remains vibrant throughout the season.



Pruning and Deadheading

Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of your container garden. Deadheading spent blooms and removing yellowing leaves not only keeps your arrangement looking tidy but also encourages continuous blooming. Additionally, occasional pruning helps control the size and shape of your plants, preventing overcrowding and maintaining their health.


Feeding and Fertilizing

Container plants rely on the nutrients within the potting mix, which can deplete over time. To maintain a healthy and vibrant container garden, feed your plants with a balanced fertilizer. Be sure to follow the specific product directions, depending on the size of your container. One of our plant experts is always available to help with any questions you may have as well.

By avoiding common container gardening mistakes and following these expert tips, you can create stunning displays that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Happy gardening!


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