Winterizing Your Garden

Winterizing Your Garden
As the gardening season winds down, it's time to transition your garden into a Winter-ready haven.

At GARDENWORKS, we understand that preparing your garden for Winter isn't just about survival; it's about ensuring a vibrant and healthy return when Spring blossoms. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into essential steps to winterize your garden, incorporating insights on Mulching, Cover Crops, Container Care, Protecting Tender Plants, and Preserving your Gardening Tools.



Tending to Your Perennials and Annuals

Before the frost settles in, take the time to trim and prune your perennials. Remove any dead or diseased growth to prevent potential issues in the Spring. For annuals, clear out the remnants of Summer's blooms, allowing the soil to rest. Consider planting Winter-friendly varieties such as Pansies and Primulas to add a touch of colour to your dormant garden. Mulching around your perennials and annuals will not only protect the soil but also provide insulation, mimicking nature's cycle of decomposition.



Mulching for Protection

Mulching stands out as a crucial step in shielding your garden from Winter's harsh conditions. Beyond its protective qualities, Mulching mimics nature's way of allowing last year's growth to decompose, releasing nutrients back into the soil. At GARDENWORKS, we encourage leaving leaves on the garden and mulching as much as possible. It protects your soil, helps insulate your plants, keeps Winter weeds at bay, and provides essential nutrients back to your plants as Spring approaches.


Cover Crops for Garden Vitality

Consider embracing Cover Crops or Green Manure to nourish your Vegetable Garden during the Winter months. Planting crops like Winter Rye allows them to grow through Winter, incorporating nutrients and organic matter back into the soil come Spring. If your Cover Crop includes Legumes, you'll benefit from their nitrogen-fixing capabilities, essentially providing your soil with free nitrogen fertilizer. This Winter growth also acts as a protective cover, preventing erosion and maintaining soil health.



Containers – Sheltering Your Potted Flora

Whether you have a few planters on the porch or a balcony filled with plants and flowers, safeguard your potted plants from Winter's extremes. Insulate pots by wrapping them, preventing damage from freezing and thawing cycles. In cold areas, consider moving your pots to more sheltered spots or insulating them. In wet climates, avoid having containers sit in saucers that can fill with water, protecting your plants from the risks of Winter wet and potential root rot.


Protecting Tender Plants and Summer Bulbs

For those pushing the gardening boundaries with tender plants like Banana Trees and Elephant Ears, thoughtful overwintering is crucial. Consider moving sensitive plants to sheltered areas, wrapping them, or providing other protective measures. If you live in a colder climate like the interior you might want to consider wrapping your plants, but beware of this on the “wet coast” because you might just encourage rot instead. If you think you may have specific overwintering concerns head down to your local GARDENWORKS and talk to one of the experts who can recommend the right course of action. 

Additionally, address the fate of Summer bulbs like Dahlias and Tuberous Begonias. Some Gardeners prefer the "sink or swim" approach, leaving bulbs in the ground, while others choose to lift and store them in a cool, dry place until Spring.



Tools and Furniture – Winter Care Essentials

Don't forget to extend your care to gardening tools and outdoor furniture. Properly store tools, clean and pack away stakes, Tomato cages, trellises, and hand tools. Drain and store hoses and watering equipment to prevent ruptures from freezing water. Cover or store outdoor furniture to increase longevity. If you have an irrigation system, consider having it blown out to prevent damage during freezing temperatures.

By following these winterizing steps, your garden will not only endure the winter months but emerge resilient and ready for a vibrant spring. At GardenWorks, we're here to support you through every season. Embrace the chill, knowing that your garden is well-prepared for the wonders that Spring will undoubtedly bring.



Happy winterizing!


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