Tropical Plants on the Patio

Tropical Plants on the Patio

Taking indoor plants outside during spring and summer can be a great way to boost their health, get new growth and benefit greatly from the enhanced conditions outdoors during the warmer months.

Mix them with flowering annuals and perennials for a burst of colour and texture.

From succulents and cacti to most foliage like birds of paradise, banana plant, most ficus, and palm trees to plants that flowers are the point of interest like hibiscus, jasmine, citrus, and bromeliads.

Some Tips

  • Evening temperatures should be above 10°C before bringing your plants outside 
  • Most tropical plants will do best in half sun/half shade or shade. East (morning) sun would be ideal for most.
  • Ensure you acclimatize them by slowly exposing them to the new outdoor environment. For example, put them outside for a few hours for a few days, then gradually increase the length of time over a week.
  • Outdoor conditions can dry out soil more quickly, so adjust your watering schedule accordingly. 
  • Be prepared to move plants back inside during extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, strong winds, or unseasonal cold snaps.
  • Tropical plants can be brought back inside in the fall. Ensure you acclimatize them the same way as in the spring but in reverse.  
  • Check for pests before bringing them back inside.  

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