Lasagna Bulb Planter

Lasagna Bulb Planter
Picture a garden where the beauty unfolds in layers, much like the delectable layers of a lasagna.

Introducing the concept of a 'Lasagna Bulb Planter' – a brilliant way to ensure continuous blooms for weeks on end. In this gardening guide, we'll walk you through the steps of creating your own Lasagna Bulb Planter, a recipe for floral success that adds depth and dimension to your outdoor space. 


Step 1: Start with the Right Mix

The foundation of any successful planter is the soil. Fill your pot with our specially curated GARDENWORKS planter box mix. This blend is designed to provide the perfect balance of nutrients, aeration, and drainage – the trifecta for happy and healthy bulbs.


Step 2: Planting the First Layer

Begin your lasagna bulb planter by planting the first layer of bulbs. Opt for the largest bulbs, and ensure they are nestled closest to the bottom. For our masterpiece, we chose the timeless beauty of Daffodils. Leave a generous 3 inches of space at the bottom to give your bulbs room to stretch and grow.



Step 3: Layering with Medium-Sized Marvels

Next up, it's time to add the second layer. Choose medium-sized bulbs, like the enchanting Tulips. Plant them with care, making sure to stagger them so that they don't block each other's growth. This strategic placement will ensure a visual symphony of colours as each layer blooms in its own time.


Step 4: The Finishing Touch – Adding the Smallest Bulbs

Complete the trifecta with the smallest bulbs for the third layer. These petite wonders add the final touches to your lasagna bulb planter, creating depth and texture. Again, stagger the bulbs to allow each one to shine without overshadowing its neighbours.



Step 5: Creating Harmony

Harmony is key to a successful Lasagna Bulb Planter. Ensure that all bulbs are staggered, allowing them to coexist without hindering each other's growth. This careful arrangement sets the stage for a floral crescendo.


Step 6: Optional – Immediate Colour with Fall Annuals

For an instant burst of colour, consider adding Fall annuals on top. Leave about 2 inches of soil above the highest bulb to accommodate these seasonal delights. This optional step transforms your planter into a canvas of immediate vibrancy.


Optional Bonus Tips for Nurturing Your Bulbs

  • a) Nutrient Boost with Bone Meal
    • To enhance the health of your bulbs, consider mixing bone meal into the soil. This organic amendment provides a slow-release source of phosphorus, vital for robust root development.
  • b) Spring Flowering Fertilizer and Bulb Food
    • As March arrives, pamper your bulbs with a flowering fertilizer every two weeks. Once the bulbs begin to show their green shoots, sprinkle on some bulb food to give them an extra nutrient boost.

Crafting a lasagna bulb planter is not just gardening; it's orchestrating a floral symphony. With our guide and a touch of creativity, you'll have a vibrant masterpiece that blooms in layers, enchanting everyone who beholds its beauty.

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Happy gardening! 


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