Poinsettia Care Guide

Poinsettia Care Guide
As the calendar inches closer to the holiday season, the captivating allure of Poinsettias takes center stage.

Their rich, velvety red petals and delicate blooms are like nature's ornaments, adorning homes with an unmistakable festive charm. While their visual impact is undeniable, many remain mystified about the secrets to maintaining these botanical gems.

Not to worry though! Below you will find essential tips to care for Poinsettias, ensuring they thrive indoors all season long! 




1. Lighting Matters

Place your Poinsettia in a well-lit spot, preferably one with bright, indirect light. While they love brightness, direct sunlight can be harsh. Strike a balance to keep their color vibrant and their leaves healthy.

2. Temperature TLC

Poinsettias are temperature-sensitive. Maintain a consistent room temperature between 18-24°C. Avoid exposing them to drafts or placing them near heaters, as sudden temperature changes can stress the plant.

3. Hydration Harmony

Water your Poinsettia when the topsoil feels dry to the touch. Ensure the pot has good drainage to prevent waterlogging, a common woe leading to root rot. Strike a balance; too much or too little water can be detrimental.



4. Pruning Wisdom

Post-blooming, typically in late Winter or early Spring, consider pruning your poinsettia to encourage bushier growth. Trim back the stems to around 6-8 inches from the soil level.

5. Repotting Ritual

If you notice your Poinsettia getting root-bound (roots encircling the pot), repot it into a slightly larger container with well-draining soil. Repotting every few years ensures optimal growth.



Any questions, stop by and one of our plant experts will be able to help!

Happy Holidays!

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