Fall Vegetable Gardening

Fall Vegetable Gardening
As the sun-drenched days of summer give way to the cozy embrace of fall, the gardening journey continues.

Fall vegetable gardening offers a unique opportunity to extend your harvest season and savour the flavours of cool-season crops. At GARDENWORKS, we’re excited to delve into the world of fall gardening and share valuable insights to ensure your autumn bounty thrives.

Join us as we explore the joys of fall vegetable gardening and equip you with essentials tips for a successful harvest.

Unveiling the Fall Vegetable Garden

The fall season presents a second chance for gardeners to reap a diverse array of delectable crops. A well-planned fall vegetable garden can bring a bountiful harvest and extend the joy of gardening into the cooler months. With the right selection of vegetables and some strategic planting, you can savour fresh, homegrown produce well into fall, and even winter!



Fall Veggie Gardening Tips

1. Prepare the Space

  • Start by clearing your garden bed of any weeds and debris. This creates a clean canvas for your fall crops.
  • Remove any summer crops that have finished producing or are showing signs of decline due to pests or diseases.
  • Revitalize the soil by adding well-rotted compost, like sea soil, to replenish nutrients for your upcoming crops.

2. Choose Your Veggies and Plant

  • Opt for cool-season vegetables that thrive in the crisp fall weather. Some great choices include:
    • Leafy greens (Lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula)
    • Brassicas (Brussels sprouts, Kale, Cabbages, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kohlrabi)
    • Root Veggies (Turnips, Beets)

3. Crop Rotation Matters

  • Rotate the placement of your crops from where you planted them in the spring. This helps prevent the buildup of pests and diseases.

4. Provide Cold Protection

  • As the temperatures drop, shield your plants from the chill by using a crop row cover. 

5. Fertilize for Success

  • About a week after planting, give your plants a boost with an all-purpose vegetable fertilizer. This, combined with your compost application, should sustain them throughout the season.

6. Harvest and Beyond

  • Leafy greens can be harvested until the frost arrives, and with proper protection, they can endure even beyond the first frost.
  • Root vegetables are typically harvested in late fall, but you can leave them in the ground and harvest as needed, using the earth as your natural refrigerator.
  • Kale stands as a cold-hardy champion, offering harvests through winter until your next planting in early spring.



As you embark on your fall vegetable gardening journey, GARDENWORKS is here to support you, every step of the way. Follow our expert tips to prepare your garden bed, choose the right veggies, and care for your plants. Visit our stores for everything you need to create a thriving fall garden that brims with flavour and abundance.

Happy gardening!




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