The Benefits of Dormant Spray

The Benefits of Dormant Spray

What is Dormant Spraying?

Dormant spraying combines horticulture oil and lime sulphur as a preventative measure against overwintering insects (such as scale and mites), insect eggs, and diseases on certain hardy landscape plants.

Best applied to fruit trees, roses, & some deciduous tress & shrubs.

Plants that do not go dormant should not have the spray applied. For example, do not use a dormant spray on sugar maple, Japanese maple, or walnut trees.

When to Spray

Plants must be dormant; applying at the improper time can burn leaf buds.

Two applications are advised in this region, one in late winter and one in late autumn.

Spray on a day without wind or rain and early in the morning so the plant will be completely dry by evening. Do not spray if there is any chance of frost overnight.

How to Spray

  • Mix lime sulphur & horticulture oil according to the package directions
  • Mix only what you plan on using
  • Wear protective clothing and wash hands & face after use
  • Use a pressurized spray bottle to ensure proper application
  • Spray the plant starting at the top until it just starts to drip off the branches
  • For roses, spray the soil around the base of the plant as well to control powdery mildew and black spot

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