Bulbs for Containers

At GARDENWORKS, we believe that bulbs in containers are like hidden treasures, waiting to surprise you with bursts of colour amidst your spring, summer, and fall annuals. Imagine waking up one April morning to find your container garden transformed by the delightful blooms of spring bulbs!



Choosing the Right Container

When selecting containers for bulbs, prioritize good drainage. Opt for pots with ample drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. Terracotta pots are an excellent choice for spring-flowering bulbs due to their porous nature, allowing water to penetrate through the sides as well as the bottom. This reduces the risk of bulb rot, particularly during our wet, mild winters. Wooden containers also provide good drainage. 

Our signature collection of Glazed pottery is a fantastic choice for both inside and outside containers too! 


Preparing the Soil Mix

For bulbs, a well-drained soil mix is essential. Enhance our GARDENWORKS Planter Box Mix with 10% crushed pumice rock or washed sand to ensure optimal drainage and root health for your bulbs.


Fertilizing Tips

When planting bulbs, use Bone Meal or specialized Bulb Fertilizer to provide essential nutrients. Bone Meal acts as a slow-release organic fertilizer, ideal for over-winter feeding, while Bulb Fertilizer delivers a quick burst of nutrients in spring, promoting robust growth and vibrant blooms.



Caring for Your Pot of Bulbs

Place your container in a sunny location where it receives natural rain or regular watering. Most bulbs are hardy enough to withstand mild winters, so no need for sheltering. Apply a light mulch during heavy frost, once foliage and buds emerge above the soil. Keep the soil evenly moist, avoiding disturbance around developing plants.


Moving Your Container

Once in bloom, move your container to the best spot in your garden or even indoors if it's small enough. Post-bloom, store the pot out of sight or replant with annuals for continuous seasonal displays. Take care when replanting to avoid disturbing the developing bulbs.



Designing with Potted Bulbs

When it comes to designing with potted bulbs, colour schemes can transform your container garden into a work of art. Whether you prefer soft pastels or vibrant bursts of colour, here are some tips to inspire your bulb planting palette!


Soft Colour Schemes

Pastel shades are ideal for creating a soothing and elegant look. To prevent your pastel arrangement from appearing washed out, incorporate white or cream blooms strategically within the container. This contrast adds a clean, sophisticated touch. Another option is to use a tone-on-tone approach, where you choose one colour and pair it with two different shades, complemented by neutral white or cream accents. For instance, combine deep-purple, pale-purple, and cream for a harmonious display.


Bright Colour Schemes

If you crave a burst of vibrant colour, opt for bold and intense hues. Choose three consecutive colours from the colour wheel to ensure a striking and cohesive arrangement. Some examples of consecutive colour combinations include:

  • Red, orange, yellow
  • Orange, yellow, green
  • Yellow, green, blue
  • Green, blue, purple

Alternatively, you can choose complementary colours, which are located opposite each other on the colour wheel, for a dynamic contrast:

  • Purple and yellow
  • Orange and blue
  • Red and green



Recipe for a 3-Tiered Potted Design

For beginners, try this simple yet stunning design!

  • First Tier: Plant 5-7 tall yellow tulips as the focal point.
  • Second Tier: Surround the tulips with grape hyacinths for a soft ring of contrasting colour.
  • Third Tier: Add yellow-centered primulas around the pot's edge to mirror the tulip colour and bloom harmoniously.


Explore the magic of bulbs in containers and unleash your creativity with GARDENWORKS! For more bulb planting tips, follow our social accounts or stop by your closest garden centre for expert advice.

Happy gardening!


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