How to Feed Your Tropical Plants?

How to Feed Your Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants need the right amount of nutrients to be an absolute eyecatcher in your home. In this article, we’ll highlight the key aspects of feeding tropical plants to make them flourish as you’ve never seen them before!

When to Feed Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants love the sun, but in fall and winter, there is just not the amount of sunlight to match their needs. If your tropical plants are outside during summer and spring, fall and winter are the time to take them inside. This could be the moment to do some pruning to keep the plant healthy before the next season starts. Monthly fertilizing will be enough for most plants. At the beginning of the season, some slow-release fertilizer will be beneficial. When spring starts, you can increase fertilizer to support the plant’s growth.

What Types of Fertilizers Exist for Tropical Plants?

There are different types of fertilizers and many formulas on the market. The required formula for your tropicals depends on the needs of the plant. Besides the formula, there are more differences when it comes to fertilizer types:

  • Water-soluble fertilizer: this type of fertilizer is available in crystal form to be dissolved in water, or in liquid form to be diluted in water. It's easy to apply and blend, and the nutrients are quickly available to the plants, which gives a quick result if they are undernourished.
  • Granular slow-release fertilizers: this type of fertilizer is dry packed in granules. Usually, this contains the standard blends of the most common nutrients. The granule releases nutrients over a period of 2-3 months, so plants require fewer feedings over time.

These types of fertilizers can be of benefit for your tropicals, depending on their needs and the season. When the plants need a quick boost, water-soluble fertilizer is often recommended. For more gradual nutrition, granular fertilizers can be of great benefit. Take into account that the formula is very important as well, which will often be indicated on the plant label.

What is the Right Fertilizer for Tropical Plants?

The right formula for many tropical plants depends on the type of plant. In general, we advise the following:

  • Indoor tropical foliage plants would have an N-P-K ratio of 10-10-10 or higher during spring and summer, once every 2 weeks.
  • Flowering tropical houseplants, such as orchids, require a low nitrogen fertilizer to boost their flowers. After purchase or repotting, they need a dose of balanced plant food. 

Besides fertilizing tropicals, it’s also essential to take care of healthy soil. Balanced soil will give your tropicals a head start. 

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More Tips on How to Feed Tropical Plants?

Do you need more tips on how to feed tropical plants for optimal growth and health? Visit one of our stores, and our team will be happy to answer your questions!