How to Let Your Hanging Basket Thrive During the Season?

How to Let Your Hanging Basket Thrive During the Season?

Hanging baskets make your garden look colourful all summer long. To keep your plants in hanging baskets healthy throughout the season, there are a few steps you can take. In this article, you’ll find more information on how to keep your hanging baskets thriving during the season.

What Fertilizer to Use for a Hanging Basket?

To keep the plants in your hanging basket flourishing, they need enough nutrients. GARDENWORKS Slow Release Plant Food 14-14-14 is a temperature controlled release provides nutrients as temperatures rise and plants need it most. Feeds hanging baskets, containers and flower beds for up to 4 months. This organic-based fertilizer is designed for all flowers.

How to Prune Plants in a Hanging Basket?

It’s important to remove dead flowers. Not only for the look but most importantly to encourage new flowers to grow. Make sure to take a look at the instructions for each plant you’re planting in a hanging basket because for some plants this is not the case. Instead of pruning, a little cut, where you only trim off the last couple of inches will do. This helps to increase branching and create a fuller-looking basket for the rest of the summer.

How to Water Hanging Baskets?

In general, plants in a container need more water than if they were growing in the ground. Hanging baskets are subject to winds, which is why they need even more water. To check this, you can put your finger one inch into the soil. If that’s dry, then you definitely need to water the plants. Another way to check this is by lifting the pot from below. If it feels light, it’s time to water your plants.

Shopping list

Here’s a recommended shopping list for you:

  • GARDENWORKS Slow Release Plant Food 14-14-14
  • Pruning shears
  • Moisture metre
  • Watering can

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