A Guide to September Gardening

A Guide to September Gardening
The warmth of summer gradually gives way to the embrace of fall, and we at GARDENWORKS are looking forward to September—a month that enchants us with golden hues and promises of cozy moments ahead.
Join us as we celebrate the beauty of this transitional month and explore the delightful gardening opportunities that lie ahead.


Gardening Tips to Keep in Mind

As the days gradually become cooler and the sun's intensity softens, September offers the perfect climate for gardening. It's a time of renewal and transition, making it ideal for planting a variety of cool-season crops, rejuvenating existing beds, and preparing for the beauty that fall will soon unveil. Whether you're cultivating vibrant fresh blooms, nourishing the soil, or sowing the seeds of future harvests, this month invites you to connect with nature.



Tending to Your Beds

September is the opportune time to care for your garden beds. As summer blooms start to fade, consider clearing out spent flowers and tidying up the landscape. This not only ensures a clean slate for the next growing season, but also prevents potential pest and disease issues.

Fertilization Pause

While trees, shrubs, and perennials may still show signs of life, it’s best to hold off on fertilization during September. By doing so, these plants can gradually transition into dormancy without being pushed into new growth that might be susceptible to frost damage.

Cover Crops for Soil Protection

Protect your bare soil by planting cover crops such as clover or rye. These crops not only prevent soil erosion, but also can improve soil health by adding organic matter.



Fall Vegetable Planting

September beckons you to extend your harvest by planting a variety of fall-loving vegetables. Think of hearty greens like Kale and Chard, crunchy Radishes, earthy Beets, and the return of Lettuce to garden beds, flourishing in cooler weather. Check out our latest Fall Vegetable Harvest blog post for more information.

Fall Annuals

Vibrant colour and charm can be found in some of our favourite Fall annuals. Notable plants include Garden Mums, Heuchera (Coral Bells), and Ornamental Peppers. These boast deep red hues contrasting warm yellow shades; all fantastic choices to adding a touch of fall to your space.



September beckons us to savour the changing landscape. At GARDENWORKS, we're thrilled to guide you through this exciting period, offering valuable tips to prepare your garden for the weeks ahead!

Happy gardening!




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