Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis Bulbs
Renowned for their breathtaking beauty, Amaryllis Bulbs stand as living testaments to the artistry of nature.

Each bulb, a promise of vibrant, exotic blooms, holds the potential to transform any space into a haven of botanical elegance. With their striking colours, intricate patterns, and impressive size, Amaryllis Bulbs embody characteristics that make them not just a plant but a living masterpiece.

Unlock the secrets to successful Amaryllis cultivation with GARDENWORKS! Growing these stunning blooms is easier than you think when you follow a few basic guidelines.



Start with the Best

Choose a healthy, plump bulb. Remember, the larger the bulb, the more blooms it will produce.


Potting Perfection

Plant in a pot with a drainage hole, 2 inches wider in diameter than the bulb. Amaryllis loves its roots crowded.


Soil Selection

Opt for a coarse, sandy potting soil or cactus soil to prevent soggy conditions—perfect for Amaryllis.



Pre-Planting Prep

Select your preferred variety and trim off any shriveled or broken roots. Peel off withered skin from the crown for optimal appeal.


Planting Technique

Place a small amount of potting soil in the pot, allowing the top of the bulb to protrude 1 inch above the pot's top. Press soil between the pot and bulb, leaving 1/3 of the bulb exposed. Amaryllis dislikes moisture around its neck.


Staking Strategies

Consider placing a cane between the pot and bulb for future staking, especially as the flowers might get heavy for their fleshy stems.


Water Wonders

After planting, generously water the Amaryllis. Subsequent watering should be sparing until buds appear, then regular watering is key. Amaryllis prefers bright surroundings at 21°C, with cool nights to control bloom height. Flowers typically open in 6 to 7 weeks, ensuring a January show if you miss the holiday season.



Amaryllis on Pebbles

Get creative with Amaryllis in a vase or water-tight container. Use decorative gravel, glass beads, or pebbles, creating a captivating display with the bulb resting on this layer. A small amount of water ensures the roots reach down swiftly, and new buds emerge in just a week or two.

Wax Amaryllis

Experience the innovation of Waxed Amaryllis! With roots removed and coated in colourful wax, these bulbs require no potting or watering. Perfect for dry arrangements like centrepieces, wreaths, or home displays. Note: Waxed bulbs can't be grown from year to year due to root removal.



Getting Your Amaryllis Bulb to Rebloom

Follow our steps for a thriving Amaryllis in subsequent years. Treat it like any other houseplant post-bloom, feed regularly, and introduce it to the outdoors when reliably warm. Fertilize and witness new leaves sprouting. By August, prepare for dormancy with a cool, dark storage period. Follow our repotting guide for a magnificent bloom once again.

With these guidelines, growing Amaryllis can be a joyous and rewarding experience.

Happy holidays!

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